Ha Ji Won Life is Beautiful ep 5 part 2 | IMax

Korean Drama with Eng Sub
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Sub by KBFD (the asian network)

Starring: Ha ji won as Yu Hee-Jung Kim Rae Won as Lee Jae-min

Chairman Yu is a tycoon who owns multiple hotel chains. He decides to hand his business down to his impulsive younger daughter, Hee-jung, who studied hotel management in Switzerland. His older daughter, Su-jung, is a concert pianist. Hee-jung learns the business by starting at the bottom in the P.R. Department. She has a deep emotional scar from an incident where her first boyfriend was killed trying to save her life. To expand his business, Chairman Yu decides to build a resort town next to a casino in Sabuk, a deserted minetown in Kangwon Province. In the process, Chairman Yu’s right-hand man is confronted by a local hoodlum (Jae-min) who wants to preserve his hometown the way it is. Jae-min’s uncanny resemblance to Hee-jung’s dead boyfriend gets her involved in the business such that she has to go against her father in order to help Jae-min.

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